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Welcome to the Simply Rawsome Breeder Program!

Raw feeding is the most natural diet our carnivore companions can consume, ESPECIALLY those in a breeding program who must be the most healthy and exemplary representatives of their breed. Diet is absolutely one major block in the foundation of our breeding programs.

Simply Rawsome is here to provide the most nutritious and species appropriate diet for your catteries and kennels, as well as your past, present and future kitten and puppy owners.



What we have to offer:

No brainer Breeder Packs.

These packs each include 40 lbs (four 10 lbs bags of 4 different proteins) of complete, balanced and premixed meals. We offer 4 proteins for optimum variety and easy rotation. These packs are frozen flat for easy storage. Simply just portion out and serve.

Order as many Breeder Pre-Packs as you need for your breeding program with FREE shipping and insurance.

Comprehensive Welcome Packs

Keeping your kittens and puppies on the proper diet even when they are no longer with you is essential for their health and wellbeing in their new home. Keeping it easy for your pet owners is equally as important so in addition to welcome packs, we have Pet Owner Packs.

Welcome Packs include twenty 2 lbs packs of food amounting to 40 lbs of food total. It includes the same recipes and variety that your Breeder Packs contain. Also included is a folder of information on raw feeding, coupons for your new owners’ first order that also doubles as a referral code for you and more.

Our Breeder Packs & Puppy & Kitten Welcome Packs are offered at a discounted price for members of our Breeder Program.

You will also get

  • 10% off all other pre-packs
  • 5% off products (if purchasing 5# or more each, excludes Bison, Elk, and Boneless Rabbit
  • 5% off first 3 orders for buyers with your breeder code
  • Breeder gets $5 gift card for every order that uses their breeder code
  • Free Simply Rawsome literature on request (brochures, business cards, raw feeding guide, etc.)
  • Quarterly Discounts or Promotions (starting up again Sept 2020)


Our rewards program also allows you to earn points by complete specific actions that contribute towards discounts

Check out more rewards here! 

We are the first human grade, prey model raw breeder program and happy to serve the raw feeding community. 

Ready to join the Simply Rawsome family?!
Fill out a Simply Rawsome  Breeder Program New Breeder Application today! today!


*We are looking to support responsible and ethical breeders. Our application can be pretty general though, so if you feel that you've gotten a denial by mistake please reach out to us at admin@simplyrawsomeus.com