Deadline for June shipping has passed. All orders taken until 6/27 will be shipped in July.

First Time Ordering?

  • Please take note of the monthly due dates and shipping dates to know when you can expect your order. Our ordering deadlines are the last Sunday of each month and we’ll ship out / meet you with those orders usually mid-month the following month.


  • We currently only offer monthly ordering, so plan accordingly. The couple days after the monthly deadline I am processing the paperwork part of the orders and planning what batches we will be making the following weeks as well as ordering the ingredients needed to fulfill those orders. The next couple weeks we are spending making each batch from the cutting to grinding to packaging.


  • Please see our calendar for specific dates and let us know if you still have questions about when to expect your order!


  • We also have a minimum order of 20lbs and we will be more strict about this in the summer months. This is to try to help keep everything frozen/mostly frozen until it gets to you. If you are needing to order less than that, please contact us and we will see what we can do. If you are ordering less than 35-40lbs I would recommend ordering ice packs as well, especially if most of your order contains the 1lb bags as those thaw the quickest or if you are shipping to the warmer states. We will try to keep track of storms/ high heat or anything else that might impact shipping, but ultimately you are responsible for being aware of your weather conditions.