October Order Deadline is Coming Up! Get Your Orders in to be Ready for Pick Up/Shipped 10/15 & 10/17

Changes, Late Orders & Cancellations

Changes and Late Orders

There will be a $25 fee for orders submitted after the ordering deadline to get the same shipping date scheduled.

For example: Ordering deadline is April 28th and scheduled shipping day is May 20th. If you place your order on April 29th or after and still want your order to ship on May 20th the late fee will apply.


There will be a $25 change fee for any changes on orders waiting to be processed and shipped after the deadline.

For example: Ordering deadline is April 28th and scheduled shipping day is May 20th. If you placed your order by April 28th but need to make a product or quantity change to your order before May 20th. There will be a $25 change fee if we are able to make the change. The change fee will not be applicable if we are out of stock or unable to get a product and substitutions need to be made as a result.


Both situations will be subject to product availability.


Cancellation Policy

If an order is cancelled after the ordering deadline that is waiting to be processed and shipped, there will be a 50% cancellation fee based upon the total of your order, including shipping and tax (if applicable).

We have such a strict policy because we essentially are "made to order". Right away after the deadline we start purchasing all the ingredients and supplies needed for all the orders. If you are cancelling after the deadline we've already obtained these and will have to store items we wouldn't have needed otherwise.


Return and Refund Policy

Simply Rawsome is not responsible for the product after it leaves the premises or our possession. We will package shipped products the best and most efficient way possible to get a good product to you and work with you to ensure your satisfaction.


If your companion does not like the products we, unfortunately, cannot provide a refund. Due to the perishable nature of the products, we are not able to take returns. We would suggest reaching out to friends, local Facebook groups, or the Simply Rawsome Community Facebook group to see if there is anyone in your area that would like it.


You have 48 hours from when the product is delivered to notify us if there are any issues with your order. After that, there will be no credits or refunds.


Refunds will be processed on a case by case basis and are given as a credit to your account.