Simply Rawsome Tips and Tricks for Feeding Raw

Simply Rawsome Tips and Tricks for Feeding Raw

When you get your order in the mail you may want to defrost and portion out our dinners and meals.


It is always best to defrost in the fridge to ensure the food does not get too warm. However, thawing in the sink is okay as well as long as you're checking and moving to the fridge once thawed enough.


After defrosting it is helpful to portion out your food into more manageable amounts to avoid a constant freezing and defrosting cycle (it’s ok to do this a few times). Tupperware, plastic freezer baggies and mason jars are a great option. Portioning out individual meals or 3 days’ worth helps reduce overall prep time and makes it even easier if someone else has to feed your companion. 


While our companions can handle the potential bacteria found in raw meat products, humans aren’t as lucky. A few safeguards to take into account.

1. Wash your hands even if you wear gloves during prep.
2. Clean up prep spaces, utensils and any spills that may have occurred. Basically, take precautions you would as if you are preparing meat for your family.
3. Take out trash and store in a closed receptacle to avoid flies and wild animals getting to your waste