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Simply Rawsome Chicken Dog/Cat Dinner

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Simply Rawsome Chicken Dog/Cat Dinner comes in
5-2# bags (10# total)
2-5# bags (10# total)
8-5# bags (40# total)

Human grade ingredients are boneless skinless chicken thighs, chicken gizzards, chicken heart, chicken necks, chicken liver, beef spleen, beef kidney, whole organic chicken eggs with shell.

What is the difference from the Simply Original Chicken Dinner?

-Our Dog/Cat Dinner is catered towards cats meaning it has more sources of taurine (heart and thigh meat) but is completely suitable for dogs. This recipe also includes chicken egg and eggshell versus bone meal and no pork ingredients.

This meal can be fed to both kittens and adult cats as well as puppies and dogs.

This product is balanced in 80/5/5/10 ratios.

The PRE-PACK includes FREE shipping, cooler box, ice packs, and insurance. No substitutions, adjustments or add ons.