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Dog Food Pack

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Most pet owners want to continue feeding what their breeders fed. Simply Rawsome's Dog Food Pack provides all the deliciousness and benefits of a premade and balanced raw diet with a wonderful assortment of proteins that is all part of a completely raw diet that your baby grew up on.

Each Dog Food Pack includes 11 lbs each of:

  • Chicken Recipe contains: boneless skinless chicken thigh, chicken gizzard, chicken heart, chicken neck, chicken liver, beef spleen, beef kidney, whole eggs with shell
  • Turkey Recipe contains: boneless skinless turkey thigh, turkey gizzard, turkey liver, turkey heart, turkey neck, whole eggs NO shell
  • Beef Recipe contains: ground beef HG, beef liver, beef spleen, beef kidney, beef heart, whole eggs with shell
  • Rabbit and Fish Recipe contains: whole prey rabbit, whole sardines/fish, whole eggs NO shell

These packs are suitable to be fed to both puppies and adults.