Murphy's Meal FD

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*This recipe will be close to Original Chicken & Boneless Chicken

Includes: chicken thigh, chicken gizzards, pork loin, pork heart, chicken neck, chicken liver, pork kidney, pork brain, eggs without shell.

Ingredients are sourced from a USDA meat distributor in the midwest.

Recipe is balanced PMR 80/10/10 for dogs & cats and a medium grind size. Bones are no larger than 3/8" or 10mm.


The bulk option provides apprx 36lbs of food once rehydrated. It includes shipping and insurance. It will come as twelve 14oz bags.

1.5 (heaping) cups or 16-17 squares per 10lbs. Rehydrated with minimum 1.4oz per 10lbs.

Example: 10lb dog will get 16-17 squares + 1.4oz water. This will rehydrate to 4.8oz, the amount of raw for daily feeding a 10lb pet at 3% body weight. Split into the number of feedings per day. More water can be added by preference.



Calories 4700 Kcal/kg
Protein 64.7%
Fat 29.4%
Fiber 0.68%
Moisture 2.80%
Calcium 0.74%
Phosphorus 0.97%
Ash 5.17%