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Jackson's Five Step Beginner Pack

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Beginners pack is great for dogs just switching to a raw diet. The 46# pack includes the following:

Large Pack:

Step 1/week 1--10# Ground chicken with bones (denatured) 
Step 2/week 2--10# Ground Turkey with bones (denatured) can be mixed with step 1
Step 3/week 3--10# Ground Pork with bones (human grade) can be fed mixed with step 1 and/or 2
Step 4/week 4--10# Ground beef with bones (denatured) can be fed mixed with step 1, 2 and/or 3
Step 5/week 5-- 6 containers of Organ grind. You may start adding this to any of the above in very small amounts during week 5

Small Pack (Feeding process is same as above):

5-1# bags of boneless ground beef
5-1# bags of bone in chicken
5-1# bags of bone in turkey
1-5# bag of boneless ground pork
2-1# bags of bone meal
2-1# bags of organ grind

Feed 2-4% of your dog's ideal weight and based upon activity level. See the Important Information page for more details.

Note: Watch the poo during this transition time. Too much bone will make your dog constipated, in which you will need to add more boneless meat. Chicken breast is a good source.

If it's too runny then you need more bone, in which you will need to add more bone. chicken wings is a good source.