· By Simply Rawsome


We are making some major changes in the coming months. I came into Simply Rawsome wanting to keep an amazing company going. I was a customer before buying the business and that is why I understand the need for familiarity and trust in the recipes/ingredients you’re buying. I also understand the need for transparency and good service.


I did not want to come in and immediately start making changes to the way we do things or make prices jump too much. I have made numerous improvements and have had to raise prices based on new/raising costs, but that alone isn’t working. We are at a point where we are growing, but there are things needed to encourage that growth (such as additional, reliable employees and other improvements towards shipping).  The business model we currently have is just not sustainable anymore so we will be making changes. In order to properly set all this up, we will be pausing production and not taking orders after our January order deadline on 12/26. Those orders will be the last to be fulfilled and then we will be taking the next couple months to build up an inventory and start working on this new business model.


Here is what you can expect:


  • No orders after Dec 26th- we have a strong tentative plan to take orders again in April.
  • We will be streamlining our recipe offerings. Between costs and availability, there are quite a few proteins and products that we can no longer provide.
  • There also must be a price increase.
  • There will still be prepacks & a breeder program.
  • We will be discontinuing most of our recipes, but will still offer two boneless recipes for CKD cats.
  • We will have brand new raw and freeze dried recipes.
  • We plan to expand our product line & recipe options in the future.
  • Lower shipping costs & more sales/discounts
  • On-demand shipping (vs the monthly shipping we are currently doing). Lead time will typically be 1 week, up to 3 depending on stock. We plan to have a surplus of most items to stick closer to the 1 week range.
  • We will still produce quality recipes made in small batches. Though we are keeping a stock, we still strive to provide product as fresh as possible.


I know how much of an inconvenience not being able to order for a couple months may be. If you would like to stock up, please send an email and we can work out the logistics. We want to try to do everything we can to make this transition as smooth as possible and not make you short on food.


I’ve developed a relationship with quite a few of you in the past couple years but I understand that these changes may not work for all of you.


The email will still be monitored during the time we aren’t taking orders. Please feel free to reach out with any questions/concerns/comments. I am always happy to help.


We Are Not Closing. Part of this business model change is getting ahead of the orders instead of trying to catch up with them like we’ve been doing. Taking a pause while we do that is necessary.


We hope that you give us a chance when we return to be your pets’ go-to raw food provider!