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General Raw Feeding Information

What are the Benefits of Raw?

  • Species Appropriate diet
  • Pearly white teeth and scentless breath
  • Healthier immune system
  • Helps prevent and even reverse illness such as kidney failure, urinary tract infections, allergies, cancer, obesity, diabetes, digestive problems and much more.
  • Reduction of veterinary bills especially down the road
  • Smaller, less frequent and less stinky feces
  • More water content
  • Less begging, counter surfing and stealing of food
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Less expensive (in most cases)
  • Softer and shiny coat
  • Quality, nutrient dense ingredients your companion actually can use.
  • you don’t have to feed as much
  • Little to no toxins, contaminants and artificial ingredients
  • More energy




While transitioning your pet you might notice some "detoxing". Your pet's body is removing leftover unwanted chemicals and toxins from their body. It may seem like the opposite of the benefits we just talked about is happening. It may seem like your pet is reacting badly to raw. While it is true that some pets don't end up adjusting to raw, it is most likely not the case. This transitional, detoxing period will pass. Every pet is different, for some you might not notice any symptoms when switching and for others it might take a few months.


Some things you might notice;

  • lower energy
  • aches/pains (stiffness or discomfort)
  • mild itching
  • vomiting/diarrhea
  • increased "dog" odor
  • dry skin/dandruff
  • discharge

Keep in mind, it isn't just kibble that contributes to chemicals/toxins in the body. Flea/tick medication, vaccines, medications all play a part. The more of these your pet has in their system, the worse the detox symptoms might be. Give your pet some time, don't try changing too much too fast.