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General Raw Feeding Information

What are the Benefits of Raw?

  • Species Appropriate diet
  • Pearly white teeth and scentless breath
  • Healthier immune system
  • Helps prevent and even reverse illness such as kidney failure, urinary tract infections, allergies, cancer, obesity, diabetes, digestive problems and much more.
  • Reduction of veterinary bills especially down the road
  • Smaller, less frequent and less stinky feces
  • More water content
  • Less begging, counter surfing and stealing of food
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Less expensive (in most cases)
  • Softer and shiny coat
  • Quality, nutrient dense ingredients your companion actually can use.
  • you don’t have to feed as much
  • Little to no toxins, contaminants and artificial ingredients
  • More energy


What is 3D/4D Meat?

These meats are considered unfit for human consumption. They can include meat from downed, diseased, dying, or dead animals. These meats are acceptible for use in the commerical pet food such as kibble and canned foods


Our beef supplier only processes downed cows which in this case means the cow had a broken leg, twisted stomach or would not get up.


What is the Difference between Human Grade and Non Human Grade?

Human grade refers to products fit for human consumption


Non human grade meat does not meet the requirements governed by the USDA or FDA to enter into the human market.


What is Denaturing?

Denaturing is a process that visually ensures this meat is not humanly consumed. Liquid charcoal, red dye or green food coloring is used in this case to mark the meat. This is required by the USDA and FDA


Why is Simply Rawsome not compliant with the AAFCO?

The requirements for the AAFCO were designed for process foods (dry and canned) not whole food like those used in a raw diet. Raw feeding is for those looking to individual their meals, the AAFCO standards are a one size fits all. In order to comply with these standard our diets would need to have artificial vitamins added or increase certain ingredients such as liver to dangerous levels. Finally the AAFCO does not recognize certain nutrients proven to be beneficial for our companions.

Simply Rawsome is a Prey Mode Raw based company. We follow nature and the average ratios found in whole prey eaten in nature.

For more information view this article.