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  • Bone in a Raw Diet

    Feeding your carnivore bones is necessary when providing your pet with proper nutrients. Bones provide calcium, phosphorus, minerals, and all sorts of other nutrients. Not only that but providing your carnivore with bones to chew on is very important for their health: dental, physical, and mental.
  • Organ Meats

    Organ meats are an important part of any raw diet, no matter the carnivore that you are feeding. Many raw feeding plans emphasize feeding liver, indeed, most will want you to feed at least 5% liver. This is because organ meat is, basically, the carnivore multi-vitamin. But let me tell you there are a lot more organs than just liver! All the organs will have different nutritional profiles that can all be beneficial to your carnivore. 
  • The Unique Benefits of Different Protein Sources

    There are lots of different kinds of proteins that you can feed your pet carnivore. All of them will offer slightly different nutrient profiles. It can be helpful to know some of the main differences between proteins so that you can create the best diet for your carnivore. Of course, variety is always an important ingredient in any diet.