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We are a small family owned business. It's me (Jean), my husband, son and our family friend Meghan. I do all the marketing, paperwork, accounting, resource research and customer service. My husband and son help with running to suppliers, grinding, mixing, bagging and shipping while Meghan helps answer questions, manage the website and aid in client education. It's a lot of work but we love this business and we are dedicated in offering a variety of quality products at affordable prices. We want to be able to help people feed their pets a healthy diet no matter what their budget is. 

Our Great Dane, Jackson, is who inspired us to start this business along with the support of locals. We live in the outskirts of MN and it was difficult for many to get their food. It often entailed people taking a whole day off work and driving many miles to get their food because suppliers were only open Monday through Friday 8-5. We are happy to be able to offer the flexibility to locals as well as supply customers nationwide who also are looking to feed a healthy and affordable diet. 

Our main goal is to keep raw feeding affordable. We try our hardest to keep prices low and work with suppliers to provide a quality product.

We have a wonderful customer base and are tremendously thankful for where we are today and continue to strive for customer satisfaction that far exceeds expectations. 

Thank you for reading our story. We hope you ready to join the Simply Rawsome family!

Jackson 8/3/11-7/12/16



We are more than happy to answer ANY questions that you have regarding raw feeding, ordering, shipping or product information.

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