Bishop's Big Potluck

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*This recipe will be close to MishMash with Bone

Includes: chicken thigh, mackerel, pork loin, beef trim, duck heart, chicken feet, duck heads, beef trachea, beef liver, whole rabbit w/ fur, eggs without shell, beef kidney, beef spleen, pork brain, eggs without shell.

Ingredients are sourced from a USDA meat distributor in the midwest and farm raised rabbits.

Recipe is balanced PMR 80/10/10 for dogs & cats and a coarse grind size. Due to bones being up to 1in in size, this recipe may not be ideal for cats, kittens or small dogs/puppies. 


Prepack includes our insulated cooler box, dry ice, insurance and free shipping.

  **PLEASE NOTE** Bags with manufacturing date prior to July 2023 have the below analysis. Phosphorus is a bit low. Great news for CKD pets! Please supplement if using this recipe heavy in rotation for other pets. We have adjusted newer batches and are waiting for the new results. 


Calories 1500 Kcal/kg
Protein 15.2%
Fat 9.84%
Fiber 0.2%
Moisture 67.8%
Calcium 0.16%
Phosphorus 0.26%
Ash 2.32%