Tyler's Tasty Entree

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*Besides the addition of lamb lung, this recipe is the same as Boneless Lamb.

Includes: lamb leg, lamb heart, lamb lung, lamb liver, lamb kidney, lamb spleen, ground organic eggshell.

Ingredients are sourced from a USDA meat distributor in the midwest. The lamb is organic. 

Recipe is balanced PMR 80/10/10 for dogs & cats and a fine grind size. THIS RECIPE IS BONELESS. Ground organic eggshell is used in place of bone to provide calcium. This is a good option for cats with Chronic Kidney Disease as the phosphorous and ash levels are low. 


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Calories 2000 Kcal/kg
Protein 17.9%
Fat 15.6%
Fiber 0.26%
Moisture 63.7%
Calcium 0.28%
Phosphorus 0.21%
Ash 1.27%